Your Best Accident Witness

During an accident, everybody have their own story to tell.
Who has the right of way?
Who is at fault truly?
Sometimes even the Traffic Police also can’t conclude some “Complicated Situations”.
A picture speaks a thousand words, but a video speaks a billion words.

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Road Tax Renewal Guide

In order to renew Road Tax, should you renew Motor Insurance first or go for Inspection first? There are some interlocking criteria to satisfied before you are able to renew road tax.

We have a flow chart for you to better understand the road tax renewal flow.

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Insurance Reminder

Need a gentle reminder?
Anyway it is not advisable to renew motor insurance last minute.
Especially your renewal falls on a long weekend or public holiday.

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Why Personal Accident Insurance Is Important

After hospitalization due to a motor accident,
there is only 3 possible scenario aftermath:
either you walk out,
or you are being “wheeled” out,
or you are being “carried” out.

You can always find spare parts for your car, but human don’t have spare parts to change.

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Pleasure Craft Insurance

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Other General Insurance Services

Urban Insurance Agency Services provides general insurance solutions for all your personal or business needs.

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Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP)

With effect from 01 October 2015, private vehicles entering Malaysia from Singapore will have to pay RM20.00 fee.
The online registration, which begins Aug 15, applies to all private vehicles, public buses, taxis, goods vehicles and diplomatic cars and vehicle owners are required to pay RM10 for the road charge, which is valid for five years.

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Vehicles with illegal modifications to undergo more frequent inspections.

From Nov 1, motorists caught with illegally modified engines or exhaust systems in their vehicles for a second or subsequent time will be subjected to more frequent mandatory vehicle inspections.

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