In-Car Camera/Dash Cam

Sales of car cameras have sow to new heights as more and more people are aware of the usefulness of video evidence.
There are even trend of people loading their footage onto Facebook.
It has shown drivers making illegal moves, behaving like a road thug or even making fraudulent accidents.

The best part is some of the footage shows vividly who is at fault and aid in the police investigation or even insurance claims payout.
A new breed of “Cash for Crash” scams prompted more drivers to mount car cameras.
Some Motorcyclist also have adopt to use “Bike Camera” to protect themselves too.

What to take note when choosing an camera?

Camera with High Definition

Choose one with “High Definition”(HD).
Typically the resolution is around 1080P onwards.
1080p means a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, also known as Full HD.

There are some camera can capture 1296P(Super HD).
Having HD allows drivers to see number plates more clearly.

Memory Support / Memory Card

Choose an unit that can supports 32 GB memory card or more.
Presently most of the camera in the market could support up to 64 GB memory card.

Higher memory space allows “Loop Recording” to capture longer hours before the “Newest” file will override “Oldest” file.
Most of the time a free SD card comes with the camera which is usually either a 4 or 8 GB SD card.

Use only original & “branded” SD card.
Some compatible or not so good brand of SD card might not able to “hold data”.
Most “branded” SD, Mini SD or Micro SD card comes with lifetime warranty.

Some manufacturer uses normal SD card which is pretty big in size.
SD are more stable as professional photographers uses SD card for their shooting.

After too many loop recording, it is advisable to format your card every 2-3 weeks to reset the card’s data holding effectiveness.

Click Here for ”SD Card Formatter”

Wide Angle

Wide angle allows user to capture image of your journey.

It capture some angles that are not visible to the driver & passengers combined.
Thus providing more supportive video footage to defend yourself.

Secondary Battery / Power Cut

When you park your car and goes to sleep at night, you will still hope to capture the culprit for either “hit-and-run” or vandalism.

Most of the configuration is to directly insert into cigarette power socket.
It will seize power to your camera once you turn off the engine.

Some drivers will tap directly to the battery for continuous recording even if engine is off.
This might drain the power dry if the car is parked for several days without starting.

Alternative solution is to install Secondary battery or Power Cut Devices.

Secondary battery are usually installed with third party devices that keeps feeding power to your camera without draining your car’s battery.
Recording will stop once the secondary battery is drained.

Power Cut Devices enable driver to set the voltage range or timer for recording.
If the battery’s voltage drops below certain range, the device will cut power to the camera.
This allows the car to have sufficient power to start up.
On the other hand, some devices can set timer to stop recording.
This is purely depending on driver’s usage of car or schedule.


WiFi in cameras allows you to transfer and view videos via Wifi onto a compatible device.
For many this turns your smartphone (Android, iPhone, etc) into a convenient video playback device.


While your camera is on “Loop Recording”.
G-Sensor will pick up a sudden movement or high impact and it will automatically save the footage 30 seconds before and after the incident to a protected file that will not be overwritten by loop recording.

Don’t set the G-Sensor’s sensitivity too low.
As you pass by a small pot hole or hump, it will trigger the “automatic store 30 seconds before & after protected files”.
After a while, your memory card will run out of space as there are too many “protected files” within.

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