Modification? What is Legal or Illegal?

What is a Modification?

A modification refers to a change in the vehicular systems or parts of a vehicle, which is different from the original manufacturer’s specifications, and it includes:

a) the substitution of an item in a vehicle with another similar replacement which is different from the original, which the type-approved vehicle was equipped with;

b) the subsequent fitting of an item which the vehicle was not originally equipped or type-approved for, without the approval of the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

FAQs On Vehicle Modifications

I wish to make modifications to my vehicle to enhance its performance. What must I do?

You must inform your insurer if you make any modifications to your car.

Why must I still inform my insurer and get his consent, even if LTA has agreed?

Many insurers consider modifications made to a car as material information in deciding what premium to charge for a policy; some insurers also do not wish to insure modified cars.

What is considered ‘modification?’ Does it affect both big and small changes to my vehicle? For example, I want to switch my wheel to sports rims. Does this apply? What about changing the in-vehicle radio to a multi-DVD entertainment system? Does this apply?

Modification refers to changes made to a car which are directly related to how it operates as a car. This includes changes to engine performance, drive train, air intake systems, exhaust systems, transmission systems, or any changes to the handling characteristics of the car including suspension systems, strut towerbars, or bracing as well as any changes made to the control unit of such parts. This list is not exhaustive.Routine maintenance where like-for-like parts are used, that is in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard specifications, will not be considered as modification.Accessories are parts of your car which are not directly related to how your car operates and will not impact your insurance coverage. This include upholstery, audio equipment, multi media equipment, communication equipment, personal computers, satellite navigation and radar detection systems, provided they are permanently fitted to the car and have no independent power source. Changes made to rims/tyres and body kits are not considered a modification when they are within the manufacturer’s defined and acceptable specifications. However please note that in case of any damage during an accident, insurers will only replace or repair with suitable part(s) in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard specification. If you require further clarification, please contact your insurer.

How do modifications impact on my annual motor insurance premiums? Will or do I have to pay more for my motor insurance because of these modifications?

This depends entirely on your insurer. Some charge additional premiums and some do not. We recommend in all instances where you think your car is modified that you advise your insurer or prospective insurer of what changes have been done to your car.


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