Why Need NCD Protector?

Some drivers wanted to save on the additional 10% premium thinking that they are safe drivers.
But in some rare situation where there are no third party to claim against.

It takes 6 years to attain 50% and one Own Damage claim will wipe out 30% of your NCD.
Some insurer allow drivers to buy NCD Protector when it is only 30% NCD onwards.


Recently flooding or “ponding” has caused the insurance industry lost millions of dollars.
It is not cheap to overhaul an engine.
So avoid parking underground/basement.


The authority has installed CCTV in mulit-story carparks around Singapore.
It might hinder vandalism/theft.
But there are cases where the culprit is not caught.

Falling Branches

Many insurer have extended their coverage to falling branches/trees after many cases of “Act of God”.
Till now, there is no successful claims against National Park Board.
Conclusion is to do own damage claim.

Merging Lanes / Straddling Lanes

According to Barometer of Liability Chart (BOLA), merging lanes or straddling lanes accident, both parties must bare 50% responsibility each.


So you think you are the safe driver with decades of driving experience?
One newbie comes along your side and wipe away 30% NCD from you.
Moreover, after an accident, insurer will load your next renewal.

Why take chances?
Insure your NCD against the unexpected.

Barometer of Liability Chart

Barometer of Liability Chart (BOLA) is used by all insurers in Singapore to determine how much each party is liable in an accident.

The BOLA is designed to speed up claims processing.
It does not diminish your right to contest liability under the law.

Under the BOLA, your NCD will not be affected if your liability is 20% or less in an accident involving an identified vehicle. In all other cases, your NCD may be affected.

pdf Click Here for “Barometer of Liability Chart”


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